John Garfield (My Love For You) video

Priscilla Lane and John Garfield as Ann Lemp and Mickey Borden in "Four Daughters" (1938) directed by Michael Curtiz

John Garfield (My Love For You) video: a video featuring scenes starring John Garfield and his co-stars, Priscilla Lane in "Four Daughters", Ann Sheridan and Gloria Dickson in "They Made Me a Criminal", Ann Sheridan in "Castle on the Hudson", Ida Lupino in "The Sea Wolf" and "Out of the Fog", Hedy Lamarr in "Tortilla Flat", Maureen O'Hara and Patricia Morrison in "The Fallen Sparrow", Faye Emerson in "Between Two Worlds", Eleanor Parker in "Pride of the Marines", Lana Turner in "The Postman Always Rings Twice", Joan Crawford in "Humoresque", Lilli Palmer in "Body & Soul", Gregory Peck and Celeste Holm in "Gentleman's Agreement", Beatrice Pearson in "Force of Evil", Jennifer Jones in "We Were Strangers", Phyllis Thaxter and Patricia Neal in "The Breaking Point", and Shelley Winters in "He Ran All The Way". Soundtrack: "My Love For You" by Glenn Miller, "Beautiful and Sad World" by Sparklehorse and "Friendship & Love" by Enio Morricone.