Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks for Nat Faxon's "The Way, Way Back"

Jake Gyllenhaal attending the premiere of "Take Shelter" on 2nd November 2011 in NY

"All the way back in 2007, producer Paul Young brought a script by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash ("The Descendants") to Shawn Levy entitled "The Way Back" (though it now seems to be called "The Way, Way Back"). Anyway, he immediately took a shine to it, commited to direct and Fox Searchlight gave it a greenlight. But this was just before the WGA strike of 2007 and with no guarantee they could finish it before the work stoppage, the project stalled. Once the dust cleared, Mandate Pictures scooped it up and in 2009, Tom Bezucha ("The Family Stone," "Monte Carlo") became attached with a shoot to take place later that year. But for whatever reason, that never happened either. Now two years later, the project is in the hands of producer Kevin Walsh, and in Variety's recent profile, they reveal the project is still happening with none other than Jake Gyllenhaal in talks for the lead role". Source: www.variety.com

Jake Gyllenhaal attending Fall Harvest Dinner with Chef Gabrielle Hamilton to Benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC

"Of course, no word yet on when the long-developing project will actually get rolling, and it likely depends on a star like Gyllenhaal coming on board to get the wheels moving. But Faxon and Rash know patience. "The Descendants" began rolling as far back as 2006 before making it to the big screen this year. Just a reminder that even though a project may fall in the background, development keeps happening". Source: blogs.indiewire.com

"ThePlaylist provides a brief synopsis of the story, telling us that it follows “a teenage boy, who over the course of an extraordinary summer forms a friendship that gives him the strength to stand up to his bullying stepfather and reconnect with his mother.” For some reason — possibly because I was thinking about my love of this film the other day — I’m getting a Stand by Me vibe here.

Meanwhile, based purely on his age, Gyllenhaal can’t play anybody other than the stepfather — unless they want to take a Walk Hard approach, which I wouldn’t be entirely apprehensive about. Heck, Faxon even had a small part in that film". Source: thefilmstage.com