Kristen Stewart - Glamour magazine Interview and photoshoot

Kristen Stewart in Glamour magazine's November 2011 issue

Despite being voted the sixth hottest woman in the world in a 2010 FHM survey, Kristen Stewart can’t seem to come to terms with her own natural beauty — “I don’t feel hot.” Is she CRAZY!?

When asked by Britain’s Closer Magazine if she has trouble with somebody calling her ‘hot,’ the 21-year-old responded, “I can’t stand that. What does that even mean? I don’t feel hot.”

“Yes, we’re finished. Filmed every scene.” Next month sees the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, while Part 2, in true modern franchise, cash-sucking style, will be released in November 2012. So is Kristen relieved it’s finally all wrapped? Her tell is a wry smile, which then breaks out into a grin you could park a canoe in.
“It’s so rare in a career to feel that a chapter is closing but there’s something final about this. No more epic, iconic scnenes...”

“I was nervous for the wedding scene,” she admits. “When I looked at the set, with the pews and the lights, and I could see everyone was there in all their outfits, I cried. God, that fucking dress!”

“I was stuck in that thing for a week; I could hardly move. But it felt incredibly ceremonial. It felt like a real wedding.”

. Did the actress ever fear for her life?

"Sure. I mean, people are crazy. Everyone does what they have to do to protect themselves, but it would be fake for me to sit here and say people are not crazy. I'm sure lots of people shy away from this question as they want to make sure they look 100 per cent appreciative all the time and that everything is the most amazing thing always … But at the end of the line, people are fucking crazy! I would have been very happy just working from job to job, paying my rent one movie at a time. I never wanted to be this famous. I never imagined this life for myself."

“I don’t want to discredit people’s individuality, bit I think people are pretty much the same. People are very similar. If you have a good enough imagination then you can feel things that you personally have never done before. That’s acting.”

Such a view of her chosen professional art form (not that Kristen would ever call acting an “art form”, one suspects) mirrors her rather dim view of her trade when just a rookie. Aged just 13, she told one magazine she though acting was “living a lie”.

“I think when I was younger, I was trying very hard to sound unpretentious. At that age, I was so bitterly self-conscious, and so desperate not to sound like a total douche. I don’t feel like that at all now. I think it was something I heard my parents say.”

Snow White and the Huntsman is filming in and around Gloucestershire, although Kristen is spending a good deal of time in a rental in Notting Hill, London. The day before, while at the GQ shoot, she had explained that she was looking forward to seeing more of the UK, as “my boyfriend is English”, although when I bring this up again the blood drains into her boots.
“I never would have said that if I knew you were going to be interviewing me.”

You felt journalists hated you?
"The first time around people were definitely aggressive with me. I know it was a response to my energy. I could feel them thinking, 'Come on, what is wrong with you -- play the Game.' But I didn't know how and I didn't know I had to, nor whether I wanted to. But I wasn't being defiant, I just wasn't prepared. And I think people responded to that in a negative way. I was just young and caught off guard. It got people so angry. They think you're a fraud.
'She's just saying she's young as an excuse: get it together or get out of the business.' I had people say that to me. How about, er, I'm an actor and I really don't give a fuck what you think? How about that?" Source:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2011)