Classic Actors and Actresses in Noir films

Claire Trevor plays femme fatale Mrs.Helen Grayle in "Murder, My Sweet" (1944) directed by Edward Dmytryk

Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in "Casablanca", Gloria Grahame ("In a lonely place"), Lauren Bacall ("The Big Sleep"), Lizabeth Scott ("Dead Reckoning", "Too Late for Tears", "Desert Fury"), Joan Bennett ("The Woman on The Beach"), Marilyn Monroe ("Niagara"), Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford ("Gilda), Ida Lupino ("High Sierra", "Roadhouse", "On Dangerous Ground"), Martha Vickers, Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint ("On the Waterfront"), Yvonne De Carlo and Burt Lancaster ("Criss Cross"), Tom Neal and Ann Savage ("Detour"), Rhonda Fleming and Dick Powell ("Cry Danger"), Edward G. Robinson ("The Woman in the Window"), Ava Gardner ("The Killers"), Van Heflin ("The Strange love of Martha Yvers"), Claire Trevor ("Murder, My Sweet"), Dennis O'Keefe and Marsha Hunt ("Raw Deal"), Dan Duryea ("The Burglar", "Scarlet Street"), Evelyn Keyes ("The Prowler"), Robert Mitchum and Faith Domergue ("Where the Danger lives"), Orson Welles ("The Lady of Shangai"), Mary Astor ("The Maltese Falcon"), Robert Ryan and Audrey Totter ("The Set-Up"), Lana Turner and John Garfield ("The Postman Always Rings Twice"), Sterling Hayden and Dorothy Lamour ("Manhandled"), Kirk Douglas and Jan Sterling ("Ace in the Hole"), James Stewart and Kim Novak ("Vertigo") Mary Beth Hughes ("Sleepers West"), Marie Windsor ("The Narrow Margin"), Jean Gillie ("Decoy"), Janet Leigh ("Act of Violence"), Gene Tierney ("Laura"), Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace ("The Big Combo"), Veronica Lake and Richard Widmark ("Slattery's Hurricane"), Ann Blyth and Ella Raines ("Brute Force"), Lawrence Tierney and Ann Jeffreys ("Step by Step"), Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer ("Out of the Past"), Jean Simmons ("Angel Face"), Alan Ladd ("This Gun for Hire"), Shelley Winters ("Larceny"), June Vincent ("Black Angel"), Barbara Stanwyck ("Double Indemnity", "Clash by Night"), Robert Montmogery ("Lady in the Lake"), Joan Crawford ("Possessed"), Charlton Heston ("Dark City"), etc.