‘Source Code’ Being Adapted Into a TV Series For CBS

Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens in Source Code (2011) - Publicity Stills

Jake Gyllenhaal with Duncan Jones attending the premiere of "Source Code" in Berlin, Germany, on 7th April 2011

"Producer Mark Gordon (Criminal Minds) plans to bring the sci-fi body-jumping thriller ‘Source Code’ to CBS – but what alterations to the Source Code set-up will have to be changed for it to fit as a weekly procedural? Released in April of this year, Source Code was director Duncan Jones’ follow-up to his acclaimed science fiction mystery, Moon. Source Code performed well in theaters, pulling in over $123 million worldwide, and catching on even more with audiences due to a VOD window two weeks prior to the film’s release on DVD and Blu-ray. Critics also liked the film, with it eventually tallying an impressive 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Of course, for the series to work, Source Code would have to do without much of what made the film appealing in the first place – and no, not just Gyllenhaal and his lovely co-star Michelle Monaghan. Much of the film centered on the mystery of Colton Stevens’ involvement with the source code, and his desire to not only acquire the identity of the bomber, but to also save the lives of those on the train – namely Christina Warren (Monaghan).

That means the memory loss and twist regarding a source code participant’s physical state, not to mention the overarching implications of source code, may not play into the series – which is, at the very least, a minus. This is just speculation, however, as Steve Meade (Lost, Lie to Me) is currently penning the pilot’s script, so no word yet on what (if any) changes will take place. Source: screenrant.com

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