Manhandled (1949) clip, starring Dan Duryea and Dorothy Lamour

Manhandled (1949) directed by Lewis R. Foster, starring Dan Duryea, Dorothy Lamour and Sterling Hayden.

Dan Duryea and Dorothy Lamour as Karl Benson and Merl Kramer in "Manhandled" (1949)

"With Dan Duryea in the main role of Karl Benson, a crooked private eye, Manhandled might have been a true classic in that series of thrillers dealing with the degraded cop or investigator. As it is, due to the extremely convoluted plot and slack direction, the film lacks suspense, and it never develops the true potential of its characters and locales. However, the opening dream sequence and the scene in which Benson crushes Redman with his car is quite evocative of the noir style and rates a middle of the road place in that genre with two and three quarters stars" Source: