The Blue Dahlia (1946) and Dahlia Noir (fragrance by Givenchy, 2011)

Sterling film noir from the pen of Raymond Chandler. Alan Ladd stars as a war veteran framed for the murder of his own wife. Veronica Lake plays the requisite femme fatale.

This Raymond Chandler-scripted slice of film noir may have been a bit overshadowed by Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep (released in the same year) but merits viewing nonetheless.

Ladd stars as Johnny Morrison, a disillusioned ex-servicemen who discovers the infidelities of his wife (Dowling) - he catches her kissing Eddie Harwood (De Silva), owner of the Blue Dahlia club - on the same night that she is murdered with his gun. Naturally he becomes prime suspect in the killing, not least because he'd pulled his gun on her before walking away.

Unexpected help comes in the shape of Joyce Harwood (a sultry Lake), a woman with a surprising connection to the murder - she's Eddie's ex for starters. She lends a spot of glamour to what is otherwise a very dark tale. The Blue Dahlia is smartly plotted and unpredictable enough to keep the killer's identity a secret. Classy stuff. Source:

The Blue Dahlia (1946)

A tribute to the beautiful Veronica Lake - The peek a boo girl.

She was the actress who personified the word femme fatale.

During the 1940's Veronica was one of the most popular and sought-after actresses.

The clips in this video are from the movies;

The Blue Dahlia

This Gun For Hire

The Glass Key

So Proudly We Hail!

Sullivan's Travels

Givenchy is preparing an alluring new scent to enchant our senses and amp up seductiveness with a brand new fragrance. Called Dahlia Noir, the fragrance is set to be released in late August 2011.

The brand has already chosen the face of the first perfume to be released under the guidance of Riccardo Tisci: Italian super model Mariacarla Boscono, who has successfully represented the fashion house in the past.

Givenchy Dahlia Noir, een floraal poederige chypre eau de parfum. 'Fleur Fatale' voor 'La Femme Fatale' Givenchy Dahlia Noir.

The perfume bottle has a simple, classic design with minimalist touches. The name of the fragrance, Dahlia Noir, is elegantly displayed on a silver plate on top of the bottle in an inconspicuous manner, closely following the main concepts the perfume is based on. Source: