"Nailed" starring Jake Gyllenhaal gets a screening at the ArcLight Pasadena

"Nailed" starring Jessica Biel and Academy Award-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal, was filmed in and around the State House in 2008. But after financial troubles forced director David O. Russell to abandon the project with only one scene remaining, many thought the film would never be released.

Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of "Nailed" in Columbia, South Carolina, on 17th April 2008

"To shoot everything but one scene and then pull the plug and have $26 million sitting there with these kinds of stars, I just don't think I've heard of something like that," said Hollywood reporter Kim Masters, who followed the film's troubled development.

Deadline.com reports that nearly three years after "Nailed" finished production in Columbia, the film was finally given a test screening Tuesday night at the ArcLight Pasadena Theatre in California -- but nobody told the movie's stars or director.
Still of Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams in The Fighter (2010)

"Last night's screening played like an assemblage of rough footage, without the nuance Russell would have injected had he finished," wrote Deadline's Mike Fleming, who speculated that new interest in the film is due to Russell's recent Oscar nomination for "The Fighter."
The film still needs a great deal of post-production before it could ever see a traditional release, to say nothing of the still-unfilmed crucial scene. The producers are keeping the project under wraps, with the ArcLight Pasadena saying the studio asked them not to confirm the screening even took place". Source: www.wistv.com