Jake Gyllenhaal: "Source Code is romantic, The ultimate goal is to help others"

"Gyllenhaal hopes moviegoers will respond to his love story with Michelle Monaghan, set on a speeding train bound for destruction.
“In the end, it’s romantic. The choice for this guy is not like, ‘Oh, am I really going to save the world?’ The choice is that he starts as a guy essentially in someone else’s body who is nervous to ask this girl to get a cup of coffee and then has to get blown up eight times to realize that maybe he’s got to ask this girl out for a cup of coffee. So I do relate to that". Source: www.bostonherald.com

Jake Gyllenhaal leaving a motorcycle shop in Los Angeles on 25th March 2011

“What would you change if you had the chance? Not much. Not in my life. I’ve been blessed,” Gyllenhaal says. “But what I learn from this movie is it’s not what you do, it’s how you respond. It’s not going out and never making a mistake. It’s how you respond afterwards. That determines who we are. “The ultimate goal is to help others, not yourself.” Source: blogs.orlandosentinel.com