Jake Gyllenhaal at 'Source Code' SXSW: 'possibilities are endless'

Duncan Jones, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jake Gyllenhaal at SXSW Festival Premiere on 11th March, 2011 in Austin, TX

"WebProNews spoke with the film’s star, Jake Gyllenhaal, as well as co-star Michelle Monaghan and director Duncan Jones about the film and the campaign.
In the movie, Captain Colter Stevens (played by Gyllenhaal) has 8 minutes to find the bomber of a train, and in the game (which utilizes Facebook Connect), the player helps him gather clues by completing various tasks.
“What I think is cool about Source Code Mission is that the idea of the source code in the movie is that it’s a computer game, and you know, off that computer game, different tangents are created,” Gyllenhaal told WebProNews. “And you affect the world as a result of that game. And the computer game that’s actually in reality – this reality – that’s on the Internet – is that same sort of idea, and is a tangent off the movie – that you can actually create other realities, and based on where you are, and the potential for the game is… just beginning now, but I think the user will create whatever it’s supposed to be.”
“To me, normally, you have a lot of games with movies [as] a way of marketing movies, and this feels like a way of creatively telling another story based on the story that was already told,” he added. “I just have all of these crazy, amazing ideas based on it, because what if we can get people on the Internet involved in the story after they’ve seen – or even before they’ve seen the movie, but particularly after they’ve seen the movie, there are so many possibilities… the possibilities are endless…”
“We’ve got this amazing interactive game, where you can take something – you can take a bus, a poster, anything like that, and you can really get a jump start on being part of the film,” said Monaghan. “Before you see it, you can go online, and you can be [on] Facebook, and you’ll have your own sort of identity and you’ll go through the five steps – you can kind of go on the mission as Captain Colter Stevens.”
On premiering Source Code at SXSW, Jones told us, “I love this festival. I came here two years ago with my fist film Moon, and immediately fell in love with it.” Source: www.webpronews.com

Michelle Monaghan wore a khaki outfit by Isabel Marant

Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Social Gaming at SXSW, 12th March, 2011

"In an exclusive interview with WebProNews on the night of the film’s premiere, Gyllenhaal said the game gives users a valuable opportunity to create their own story.
“This, to me, feels like, a way of creatively telling another story based on the story that was already told,” he said.
He went on to say that he believed the “coolest aspect” of social gaming is the concept of seeing fans inspired enough to create their own content that could potentially be better than the original". Source: videos.webpronews.com

Jake Gyllenhaal at SXSW Festival In Austin, TX (c) Source Code Facebook Page, peeweeherman March 12, 2011

Michelle Monaghan and Jake Gyllenhaal at 'Source Code' Cocktail Party - SXSW Festival 2011

“Gyllenhaal apparently grabbed the dude mid-photo, threw him against the wall and was like, ‘are we really gonna do this right now?” Tweeted Cinematical’s Erik Davis.
And JoBlo, who reportedly was in the men’s room when the “fight” occurred, updated, “Guy just tried to take Jake Gyllenhaal’s picture while he was taking a leak. Cops came. Brouhaha ensued.” Source: www.hollywoodnews.com

EW: There are rumors that there was a rather heated scuffle in the theater bathroom last night as a fan tried to take your picture at an inelegant time?
JG: (laughs) That’s true. I think it’s an appropriate space to keep privacy. I hope that people wouldn’t disagree with me on that.

EW: Why was Duncan the right fit?
JG: What always scares me is people tend to lose character and a sense of “Why?” on a behavioral, human, psychological level when they’re dealing with something that can be entertaining. When you deal with something that is potentially commercial people just say “Oh, we’ll get to that later.” The movie was not anything I wanted to make unless it was with someone who was a real visionary. And humor too. Duncan has a great sense of humor—dirty and dark and great. I think the great thing about sci fi is there’s a little bit of a campy quality always. I don’t think anybody should take themselves too seriously in time continuum.
EW: Did you stay to watch the movie?

JG: I did. My best friend lives in Austin and he came with his girlfriend. Literally he grabbed my leg at one point and then at another time, in that scene where I jump off the train, he was like “Oh my god, what the hell?!” I was like “Yes!” Source: insidemovies.ew.com

SockyTX caught a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal at the Paramount Theatre For the premier of Source Code at SXSW Festival

A WICID exclusive interview with the uber talented director of Source Code, Duncan Jones. At the World Premier of his latest film Source Code, Catrin Southall asks Duncan (famous for his amazing psychological sci fi "Moon") about his latest blockbuster and what it takes for a young person to become a film director!