Happy Birthday Mayo Methot - "Virtue" clip

Humphrey Bogart and his third wife, Mayo Methot, circa 1941.

"Virtue" (1932) - "Rotten Break" clip video

Veteran hustler Lil (Mayo Methot) offers living space and general advice to recently-arrested Mae (Carole Lombard) in "Virtue" directed by Edward Buzzell, scripted by Robert Riskin (screenplay), based on a story by Ethel Hill.

"Virtue" is also notable for supporting roles by the aforementioned Ward Bond (who would soon become a regular fixture in the films of director John Ford) and Mayo Methot as Lil, a madam with a weakness for no-good thugs, who comes to Mae's aid in the end (Methot would become Humphrey Bogart's first wife in 1938). The film is photographed by the great Joseph Walker (a four-time Oscar® nominee for such films as You Can't Take It with You [1938] and Only Angels Have Wings [1939]) Source: www.tcm.com