Duncan Jones talks Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code, Moon, Inception, etc.

Wired.com: Source Code takes place basically inside the hero’s head. In that regard, the film resembles the mind-twisting dream world that Inception explored with such great success last year. Were you aware of Inception as you filmed Source Code?
Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page in sci-fi action film INCEPTION

Jones: "I knew nothing about Inception when we started working on it but I have to admit: When we heard Inception was coming out, there was a lot of nervousness on our part, not because of the subject matter, but because we wondered, “Is there an audience out there for this kind of film?”
So when Inception became such a big movie, it gave us an awful lot more confidence to push things even that little bit more and make the film even a little more surreal in places than we had originally intended.
Wired.com: You talked about initially wanting to pitch Gyllenhaal a movie that you’d written yourself, but for this project you’re working basically as a Hollywood director for hire. What’s that adjustment been like for you?
Jones: This is a tricky one. Moon was obviously a huge labor of love for me and the people who worked on it. We also have other projects that we care with equal passion about getting made.
Hopefully, audiences like this movie enough that I’ll get an opportunity to make some more of my own films and then go back and forth between working on other people’s projects and doing things that are real labors of love.
Jake Gyllenhaal plays a military man who enters the body of another person for the last eight minutes of their life in "Source Code"

Wired.com: Can you give a hint about what this new project is going to be about?

Jones: Other than the fact that it will be another science fiction piece, the story has a very different approach than Source Code, since I will have written it.
Wired.com: And Sam Rockwell — you have him on speed-dial?

Jones: Absolutely. If I get to do another one and it’s mine, I will by hook or by crook get Sam in there somehow. I also think I made a good deal with Jake: When the time is right hopefully he’ll help me out on one of my films.
Wired.com: Thinking of Moon and Inception, and now Source Code, it looks like there’s a resurgence of brainy sci-fi that goes beyond exploding robots and superpowered men in tights. Do you think we’ll continue to see more cerebral types of sci-fi movies coming out of Hollywood?
Jones: There’s absolutely a robust future for technology-themed movies in Hollywood. I remember when Jurassic Park came out, a microbiologist friend constantly told me how outlandish it was, but within a few years, he said it was interesting how far things have come". Source: www.wired.com